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Greater Boston Homeowners: New Year, New Home Goals

Juan Murray

Juan got his start in the residential real estate market in 1994 and has never looked back...

Juan got his start in the residential real estate market in 1994 and has never looked back...

Dec 22 1 minutes read

Welcome a Fresh Start in the Boston Housing Market

As Greater Boston's vibrant leaves give way to the brisk beauty of winter, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and preparing for a transformative new one. For homeowners in this historic and dynamic region, from the cobblestone charm of Beacon Hill to the innovative buzz of Kendall Square, making resolutions can be the key to unlocking the potential of both your living space and your community. Whether you're a newcomer to the serenity of Cambridge's neighborhoods or a seasoned dweller of Boston's brownstones, here are seven resolutions tailor-made for enhancing your home and lifestyle in our beloved area.

1. Adopt Eco-Friendly Home Practices

In Massachusetts, with its rich history of innovation and progress, turning your home more eco-friendly is not just responsible, it can also be state-of-the-art. Consider harnessing the power of our frequent sunny days with solar panels—an investment many of your fellow Bostonians are already embracing. As for the interior, energy-efficient appliances are available with rebates through the Mass Save program, and smart thermostats can help tackle those chilly New England winters while keeping your heating bills in check. When it comes to decor, choose local artisans who specialize in reclaimed materials, adding both sustainability and a piece of Greater Boston's story to your home.

2. Conquer Clutter with a Purge Revolution

The compact living spaces of Cambridge and Boston's historic areas call for smart decluttering strategies. Start by rehoming the items you no longer cherish — our many local thrift stores and non-profits are a great option for donations. Then, optimize your spaces with stylish, functional storage solutions often showcased at Cambridge Antique Market or SoWa's vintage markets. An orderly home isn't only aesthetically pleasing but also echoes the organized spirit of Boston's streets and skyline.

3. Cultivate a New England Eden

Your outdoor space, be it a quaint Beacon Hill patio or a sprawling Cambridge lawn, is your personal escape from the city buzz. This year, commit to crafting an oasis. Integrate native plant species from New England Nurseries to attract local wildlife and support the ecosystem. For balconies and smaller areas, Boston's many local garden centers offer an array of container plants perfect for our region's climate. A cozy fire pit or twinkling string lights can turn your outdoor space into an idyllic retreat, year-round.

4. Stay Ahead with Essential Home Maintenance

Prolong the life and value of your Boston or Cambridge home with a well-planned maintenance schedule. Include seasonal tasks such as securing your property against Nor'easters, and remember that Boston's historic homes may require specialized care — from brick repointing to proper upkeep of original woodwork. When in doubt, turn to local experts familiar with the unique aspects of Boston's architecture to preserve the timeless character of your home.

5. Lead the Charge in Energy Conservation

Embrace the energy-conscious culture prevalent in our region by infusing your daily routine with energy-saving habits. Boston's progressive stance on climate change is mirrored in the numerous city initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact. Join in by taking advantage of the city's curbside composting services or participating in community energy-saving challenges. Small actions, like utilizing energy-efficient LED lighting from Cambridge's own lighting stores, can illuminate the way to significant savings and environmental stewardship.

6. Strengthen Your Local Economy

Choosing to support local businesses is choosing to invest in Greater Boston's prosperity. Next time you're considering home improvements, why not opt for the expertise of neighborhood contractors or the exquisite craftsmanship found at Boston Design Center? And when it's time to unwind, relish in the flavors of locally-owned restaurants in North End or Harvard Square. Your choices help cultivate a flourishing economy and bring character to our already vibrant community.

7. Weave a Tight-Knit Community Fabric

Finally, let's deepen the roots within our Boston and Cambridge neighborhoods. Join or start a neighborhood association, attend local events, or volunteer with organizations that touch lives across our communities, such as the Boston Area Gleaners. By engaging in these shared experiences, we nourish connections and create a safe, inclusive environment that will enrich everyone’s lives within our historic, storied streets.

As we step into another year in the city that has witnessed the birth of revolutions and the penning of American history, our new resolutions as homeowners in Greater Boston and Cambridge are as much about enhancing our personal spaces as they are about contributing to the community fabric of our cherished locales. Here's to a year of growth, sustainability, and unity in the place we are proud to call home. Happy New Year to you and your household!

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